the challenge

youreagonerThe whole purpose of DRAW lies in teaching junior doctors. It is therefore important that each scenario addresses an important teaching point. There is no point in choosing a moment of exciting drama to show the class unless it clearly also relates to a challenging situation that is difficult for the doctor to deal with, where mistakes can be and are made, and where an appropriate skill or technique can be illustrated and taught. In many cases there will be no ‘right’ answer, so that the trainee’s performance in the role-play will not be judged in a simple right or wrong manner, but rather will usefully inform a class discussion following the role-play. One of the consequences of the emotional involvement enabled by DRAW is that the class of trainees is normally very willing to engage in an animated discussion about the scenario and the problem. This reinforces the teaching value of the session.

So, when considering what video clips might lend themselves to a DRAW scenario, always be looking for challenges that relate directly to the problems that junior doctors encounter and the teaching opportunities that can arise.

Examples of challenges that meet an obvious teaching opportunity?

  • breaking bad news
  • dealing with a mistake
  • questions of medical competence
  • managing expectations
  • seeking permission or consent